• Updated: Tuesday, March 7, 2000

  • Letter from Fr. Hilario Massinga, Custos of Mozambique

    Maputo, March 06, 2000

    Peace and All Good!

    To begin with, I would like to thank you so much for the efforts you have been making as to answer positively to our anguishes and dispairs. It. is now about four weeks that suffering overwelmed Mozambican People and the Friars too. Worthy to remember is that the Franciscan Friars work in five of the eleven dioceses of Mozambique. All the dioceses served by the Friars were strongly hit by this sad situation, particularly Xai-xai, Inhambane and Chimoio (Manica).

    In Xai-xai the Friars had to move away from the house because the water was gone so high that they would not survive. Until now nobody can return into the house exept the robers who have agravated the citzens situation stilling even what was left by the waters! The Friars are safe and we hope they are strong enough to help others strive for life. While Fr. Pedro Chamusso managed to get something (personal goods) from the house, Fr. George Chaves did not get even that; nor his medicines. But as I said they both are safe.

    Manica suffered more from the depretion "Eline". Many houses and schools built of weak and poor material were just thrown down without any hope for recovering. All they will have to do is starting afresh.

    Inhambane suffered more from indirect effects of the floods; as this diocese was isolated from the rest of the country and the Friars did not have sufficient food in their stock, they were starving in the last two weeks.

    We are all prepared to face this situation in whatever way may be necessary. We want to help our people get out of this situation as soon as possible. Once again, Thank you very much indeed!

    Yours sincerly,

    Fr. Hilario

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