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The Commission for New Forms

forme002The Commission for New Forms of Evangelization in Europe met from Jan. 15-16 with the goal of preparing the third seminary which will be celebrated in Sassone, Rome, from May 2-6, 2011. This Commission was recently formed by the General Definitory and is made up of Br. Nestor Schwerz, Definitor General, both Br. Massimo Tedoldi and Br. Arturo Rios of the General Secreteriat for the Missions and Evangelization, Br. Jacopo Pozzerle from the Fraternity of Palestrina, Br. Mario Vaccari, Provincial Minister Delegate of COMPI, Br. Filemon Tadeusz Janka, Provincial Minister Delegate of UFME, Br. Francisco Castro of Spain, and Br. Mercatbide of France.  Br. Filemon and Br. Battite were unable to be present.  The Minister General met with the Commission and showed his appreciation for the program of the next workshop; he reminded all those present what the Capitular document of 2009 states about New Forms of Evangelization, namely, that without neglecting the activities of ordinary evangelization, preference should be given to new initiatives (Mandate 20) within the context of strong secu­larization, characteristic of Europe. It will be international and interpro­vincial, with the goal of giving life to new forms of evangelization (Mandate 26).