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Third Chapter of the Foundation Blessed Giles of Assisi

postulato3From 7 to 10 November third chapter of the Blessed Giles Foundation for dialogue and mission was held at the General Curia. All of the brothers from the two fraternities that compose the Foundation where present:  the “International Fraternity for Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue” St. Maria Draperis (Istanbul – Turkey) and the “European Missionary Fraternity” of Palestrina (Rome – Italy).The three days centered on fraternal dialogue in the search for how best to live the Gospel and serve the Order.

The focus was placed on the compilation of a written document describing two fraternities and the Foundation, which will be inserted in the site of the Order. Another topic that was affronted was the formation program for the postulants of the Foundation. During the chapter there was a fraternal meeting with the Minister General which concluded with the solemn vespers on 10 November in which the three candidates of the Foundation began their year as postulants.

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