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The General Definitory, following a carefully review of the respective texts during the Meeting of 5th July 2004, also approved the translations of the General Constitutions into the three official languages of the Order: English, Italian and Spanish, to be used while keeping in mind that the authentic text is that in Latin.


1. Sacred Scripture
1 Cor — First Letter to the Corinthians
1 Pt — First Letter of Peter
1 Th — First Letter to the Thessalonians
1 Tm — First Letter to Timothy
2 Cor — Second Letter to the Corinthians
2 Tm — Second Letter to Timothy
Col — Letter to the Colossians
Eph — Ephesians
Heb — Hebrews
Jn — Gospel according to John
Lk — Gospel according to Luke
Mk — Gospel according to Mark
Mt — Gospel according to Matthew
Phil — Letter to the Philippians
Ps — Book of Psalms
Rom — Letter to the Romans
Tb — Book of tobit

2. Documents of the Church
AA — Apostolicam Actuositatem
AG — Ad Gentes
CIC — Code of Canon Law
DH — Dignitatis Humanae
EN — Evangelii Nuntiandi
ES — Ecclesiae Sanctae
GS — Gaudium et Spes
LG — Lumen Gentium
Litt. SCR — Letter of the Sacred Congregation for Religious, “De S. Regula eiusque interpretatione necnon de paupertate franciscana” (2.11.1970)
Litt. CIVCSVA — Letter of the Congregation for Institutes of consecrated life and Societis of apostolic life (31.X.2003)
Litt. CIVCSVA — Letter of the Congregation for Institutes of consecrated life and Societis of apostolic life (22.V.2004)
ORSPR — Ordo romano-seraphicus professionis religiosae
OT — Optatum Totius
PC — Perfectae Caritatis
PO — Presbyterorum Ordinis
RH — Redemptor Hominis
SC — Sacrosanctum Concilium
UR — Unitatis Redintegratio

3. Writings of Saint Francis and Franciscan Sources
Adm — The Admonitions
AF X — Analecta Franciscana, vol. X
Ant. Laudes — Antiphon at Lauds
Ant. Magn — Antiphon at Magnificat
BF — Bullarium Franciscanum
1 Cel — First Life of Thomas of Celano
2 Cel — Second Life of Thomas of Celano
CSun — Canticle of Brother Sun
FLtC — Form of Life given to Saint Clare
Leg Per — Legend of Perugia
LtC I — Letter to the Custodes I
LtCl — Letter to Clerics
LtF II — Letter to the Faithful II
LtM — Letter to a Minister
LtO — Letter to the Whole Order —
Off Rhyth — Rhythmic Office
Rb — Rule of 1223 (approved by papal bull)
Rnb — Rule of 1221 (not approved by bull)
RSC — Rule of St. Clare
SBMV — Salutation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
SV — Salute to the Virtues
Test — Testament

4. Documents of the order
Acta Cap. Gen. 1979 Acta Capituli generalis ordinarii, Assisii 1979.
Bah — “The Gospel Challenges us”, Plenary Council, Salvador de Bahia 1983.
GGCC — General Constitutions.
CPO 81 — “Document sur la formation” Plenary Council, Rome 1981.
CPO 01 — Plenary Council of the Order of Friars Minor, Guadalajara 2001, Romae 2001..
Mad — “La vocation de l’Ordre aujourd’hui”, Declaration of the General Chapter, Madrid 1973.
Med F — “De institutione in Ordine Fratrum Minorum,” Document of the extraordinary General Chapter, Medellin 1971.
Med M — “Vocatio missionaria franciscana in mundo hodierno”, Document of the extraordinary General Chapter, Medellin 1971.
OPR — Ordo romano-seraphicus professionis religiosae for the First Order and Third Order Regular, 2001.

5. Official Gazette of the Holy See
AAS — Acta Apostolicae Sedis