The government of the Order

The government of the Order of Friars Minor will remain in charge till 2009.

Minister General - Br. José Rodríguez Carballo
Province: Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Born: 11.08.1953
Temporary Profession: 09.08.1971
Solemn Profession: 01.01.1976
Ordained priest: 29.06.1977 (by Paul VI at St. Peter's)
Accademic titles:
   Licence in Biblical Theology (Jerusalem)
   Licence in Holy Scripture (Rome)
Spoken languages: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, English
Languages understood: Catalan

Vicar General - Br. Francesco Bravi ofm
Province: Province of St. Charles Borromeo - Milano (Italy)
Born: 09.02.1956
Temporary profession:> 08.02.1977
Solemn profession: 21.09.1980
Ordained priest: 24.05.1982
(Roma 11 novembre 2004)
The General Definitory of the Friars Minor elected Br. Francesco Bravi as the new Vicar General of the Order during the morning session of their 'tempo forte' on the 10th of November 2004. Br. Francesco Bravi held the offices of animator of vocations and Master of Postulants in his Province and was the Coordinator for the Conference of Italian Ministers Provincial (COMPI) for these two sectors. He was Definitor and Minister Provincial of the Province of St. Charles Borromeo and President of COMPI. He had been General Definitor since the 7th June 2003, having been elected during the General Chapter held at St. Mary of the Angels from the 25th May to 21st June 2003. He speaks Italian and French and understands Spanish. The Office of Vicar General had been vacant since the 7th September 2004 because of the premature death of Antonio Franjic, whom Br. Francesco Bravi succeeds.

General Definitors

1.  Amaral Amaral Bernardo (Africa / Middle East)

Born: 04.06.1952
Born at: Guja (Mozambique)
Temporary profession: 15.08.1975
Solemn profession: 24.10.1982
Ordained: 21.10.1984
Province: Custody of St. Clare (Mozambique)


2.  Mario Favretto (Italy)

Born: 01.12.1954
Born at: Lorenzaga (Treviso, Italy)
Temporary profession: 03.10.1976
Solemn profession: 05.10.1980
Ordained: 19.06.1982
Province: Venice (Italy)


3.  Cabrera Herrera Luis Gerardo (Latin American 1)

Born: 11.10.1955
Born at: Azogues (Ecuador)
Temporary profession: 24.09.1976
Solemn profession: 04.09.1982
Ordained: 08.09.1983
Province: St. Francis de Quito (Ecuador)


4.  McGinn Finian (English Speaking)

Born: 18.11.1934
Born at: Phoenix AZ (USA)
Temporary profession: 13.07.1954
Solemn profession: 13.07.1957
Ordained: 17.12.1960
Province: St. Barbara (USA)


5.  Muro Aréchiga Juan Ignacio (Latin American 2)

Born: 01-08-1962
Born at: Tijuana, B. C. (Mexico)
Temporary profession: 15.08.1982
Solemn profession: 24.06-1987
Ordained: 04.07.1994
Province: B. Juniperi Serra (Mexico)


6.  Samac Sime (Slavic)

Born: 05.05.1946
Born at: Miljevci (Croatia)
Temporary profession: 14.07.1964
Solemn profession: 05-04.1970
Ordained: 29.06.1972
Province: Holy Redeemer(Croatia)


7.  Sî Nguyên Vân Ambroisio (Asia / Oceania)

Born: 05.12.1943
Born at: Khaùnh Hoaø (Vietnam)
Temporary profession: 03.08.1968
Solemn profession: 29.06.1972
Ordained: 11.02.1973
Province: St. Francis of Assisi (Vietnam)


8.  Vallecillo Martín Miguel J. (Spanish)

Born: 19.09.1945
Born at: Melilla (Spain)
Temporary profession: 04.10.1965
Solemn profession: 22.08.1970
Ordained: 20.06.1971
Province: St. Mary of the Rule - Granada (Spain)


9.  Várnai Jakab (Central Europe)

Born: 28.09.1958
Born at: Budapest (Hungary)
Temporary profession: 02.09.1983
Solemn profession: 01.11.1986
Ordained: 13.08.1988
Province: St. John Capistran (Hungary)

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