The prayers of St. Francis

St. Francis is known as the man who was most like Christ, "the first after the only one", the universal brother, a man of peace and reconciliation, the Poverello, the lover of the poor, the troubadour of creation. It is true. Francis of Assisi, however, was first and foremost a mystic, a real contemplative, enamoured with the poor and crucified Christ. Francis was not only a man who prayed, but, as his biographer Thomas of Celano says, he was "a man become prayer". The presence of God transfigured him until He made him "another Christ".

  • The Prayer before the Crucifix at San Damiano (1)
  • A Salutation of the Virtues (2)
  • A Salutation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (3)
  • The Praises of God and the Blessing (4)
  • The Canticle of Creatures (5)
  • The Praises To Be Said at All the Hours (6)
  • Exhortation to the Praise of God (7)
  • A Prayer Inspired by the Our Father (8)
  • We adore You (9)
  • The Office of the Passion of the Lord (10)
  • Prayer to the Trinity (11)
  • The invitation to restore all goods to the Lord (12)
  • Prayer and Thanksgiving (13)
  • Blessed is he who loves the Lord (14)
  • Blessing to Brother Leo (15)
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